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    This Taxi Fare Estimation Montauban is given to you just to get informed and was calculated relative to rates prefectural departmenten vigueur pour l'année 2016 and depending on the items you have provided. This estimate target you give an order of magnitude and only there for this purpose. Many parameters are not taken into account by this estimate :

   * Book taxi Montauban leads outreach costs correspond to taking charge auquelle adds the distance traveled by taxi to reach you.
   * The taxi driver is a professional who can choose a different route to optimize travel time and you avoid traffic jams Montauban.
   * Based on time, traffic Montauban is more or less dense which can affect the price of the race.

Department Taking into taxi KM day KM Night Hour day Hour Night
82 Tarn et Garonne 2.80 € 1.70 € 2.40 € 18.00 € 18.00 €

KM day : Price of one kilometer, applicable for a single race during the day Monday to Saturday.

KM Night : Price of one kilometer, applicable for a single race night Monday to Saturday or day and night on Sundays and holidays.

Hours day or night vary from one department to another, but most often: Daily 7am-8am or 19h-20h / 19h-7h Night or 20h-8h

Whatever the amount displayed on the meter the amount payable may not be less than € 6.40

Tariff surcharges may apply for transporting luggage or packages , animal transport, more than 3 passengers.

PC DAY / NIGHT : it is pick-up charge, is the starting amount of the counter at its start.

KM : Rate per kilometer

Hour : hourly rate, it engages automatically when the counter is running and the vehicle is stationary (traffic jam, waiting for the client) or alternating with the kilometric rate when the speed reached the point of conjunction hourly and kilometer rates (lower vehicle speed: hourly rate / kilometric rate applied), in this case the recognition by the kilometer rate is stopped.

APPROACH CHARGES : is the approach fees of the taxi, his starting point when booking to your home or meeting point set with the driver.You can ask the taxi the location of its starting point and an estimated price of this approach charges. Approach charges included the amount of support. Approach costs are zero if you take a taxi to the station or if you stop at the corner.

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