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Estimate fare in Moselle

    This Taxi Fare Estimation in Moselle is given to you just to get informed and was calculated relative to rates prefectural departmenten vigueur pour l'année 2014 and depending on the items you have provided. This estimate target you give an order of magnitude and only there for this purpose. Many parameters are not taken into account by this estimate :

   * Book taxi in Moselle leads outreach costs correspond to taking charge auquelle adds the distance traveled by taxi to reach you.
   * The taxi driver is a professional who can choose a different route to optimize travel time and you avoid traffic jams in Moselle.
   * Based on time, traffic in Moselle is more or less dense which can affect the price of the race.

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Calculate the cost of a taxi ride in Moselle

  The approximate price is at any time a price undertaking from
  The fare will always be determined by the price displayed horokilométrique meter installed in our vehicle
  This estimate does not depend on traffic conditions and contingencies related to the road, the actual route chosen by the taxi driver as well as fees approach linked to the reservation.

Price Chart taxi Moselle
Department Taking into taxi KM day KM Night Hour day Hour Night
57 Moselle 2.7 € 1.68 € 2.38 € 19.3 € 19.3 €


KM day : Price of one kilometer, applicable for a single race during the day Monday to Saturday.

KM Night : Price of one kilometer, applicable for a single race night Monday to Saturday or day and night on Sundays and holidays.

Hours day or night vary from one department to another, but most often: Daily 7am-8am or 19h-20h / 19h-7h Night or 20h-8h

Whatever the amount displayed on the meter the amount payable may not be less than € 6.40

Tariff surcharges may apply for transporting luggage or packages , animal transport, more than 3 passengers.

PC DAY / NIGHT : it is pick-up charge, is the starting amount of the counter at its start.

KM : Rate per kilometer

Hour : hourly rate, it engages automatically when the counter is running and the vehicle is stationary (traffic jam, waiting for the client) or alternating with the kilometric rate when the speed reached the point of conjunction hourly and kilometer rates (lower vehicle speed: hourly rate / kilometric rate applied), in this case the recognition by the kilometer rate is stopped.

APPROACH CHARGES : is the approach fees of the taxi, his starting point when booking to your home or meeting point set with the driver.You can ask the taxi the location of its starting point and an estimated price of this approach charges. Approach charges included the amount of support. Approach costs are zero if you take a taxi to the station or if you stop at the corner.

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  Taxi Fare Courcelles-sur-Nied   Taxi Fare Les Étangs
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  Taxi Fare Rettel   Taxi Fare Ritzing
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  Taxi Fare Louvigny   Taxi Fare Marieulles
  Taxi Fare Moncheux   Taxi Fare Orny
  Taxi Fare Pagny-lès-Goin   Taxi Fare Pommérieux
  Taxi Fare Pontoy   Taxi Fare Pouilly 57
  Taxi Fare Pournoy-la-Chétive   Taxi Fare Pournoy-la-Grasse
  Taxi Fare Saint-Jure   Taxi Fare Secourt
  Taxi Fare Sillegny   Taxi Fare Silly-en-Saulnois
  Taxi Fare Solgne   Taxi Fare Verny
  Taxi Fare Vigny   Taxi Fare Vulmont
  Taxi Fare Achen   Taxi Fare Bettviller
  Taxi Fare Bining   Taxi Fare Enchenberg
  Taxi Fare Etting   Taxi Fare Gros-Réderching
  Taxi Fare Kalhausen   Taxi Fare Lambach
  Taxi Fare Montbronn   Taxi Fare Petit-Réderching
  Taxi Fare Rahling   Taxi Fare Rohrbach-lès-Bitche
  Taxi Fare Schmittviller   Taxi Fare Siersthal
  Taxi Fare Arzviller   Taxi Fare Buhl-Lorraine
  Taxi Fare Dolving   Taxi Fare Guntzviller
  Taxi Fare Haut-Clocher   Taxi Fare Hesse
  Taxi Fare Hilbesheim   Taxi Fare Hommarting
  Taxi Fare Imling   Taxi Fare Langatte
  Taxi Fare Sarraltroff   Taxi Fare Sarrebourg
  Taxi Fare Schneckenbusch   Taxi Fare Audun-le-Tiche
  Taxi Fare Rédange   Taxi Fare Russange
  Taxi Fare Adelange   Taxi Fare Arraincourt
  Taxi Fare Boustroff   Taxi Fare Chémery
  Taxi Fare Faulquemont   Taxi Fare Guessling-Hémering
  Taxi Fare Holacourt   Taxi Fare Mainvillers
  Taxi Fare Many   Taxi Fare Pontpierre
  Taxi Fare Thicourt   Taxi Fare Thonville
  Taxi Fare Vahl-lés-Faulquemont   Taxi Fare Berling
  Taxi Fare Bickenholtz   Taxi Fare Bourscheid
  Taxi Fare Danne-et-Quatre-Vents   Taxi Fare Hangviller
  Taxi Fare Metting   Taxi Fare Mittelbronn
  Taxi Fare Phalsbourg   Taxi Fare Saint-Jean-Kourtzerode
  Taxi Fare Schalbach   Taxi Fare Veckersviller
  Taxi Fare Vescheim   Taxi Fare Vilsberg
  Taxi Fare Waltembourg   Taxi Fare Zilling
  Taxi Fare Chailly-lès-Ennery   Taxi Fare Ennery
  Taxi Fare Flévy   Taxi Fare Amnéville
  Taxi Fare Schoeneck   Taxi Fare Spicheren
  Taxi Fare Stiring-Wendel   Taxi Fare Achain
  Taxi Fare Baronville   Taxi Fare Bellange
  Taxi Fare Bermering   Taxi Fare Bréhain
  Taxi Fare Brulange   Taxi Fare Château-Bréhain
  Taxi Fare Conthil   Taxi Fare Dalhain
  Taxi Fare Destry   Taxi Fare Eincheville
  Taxi Fare Haboudange   Taxi Fare Harprich
  Taxi Fare Landroff   Taxi Fare Lidrezing
  Taxi Fare Marthille   Taxi Fare Morhange
  Taxi Fare Pévange   Taxi Fare Racrange
  Taxi Fare Riche   Taxi Fare Rodalbe
  Taxi Fare Suisse   Taxi Fare Vallerange
  Taxi Fare Vannecourt   Taxi Fare Viller
  Taxi Fare Villers-sur-Nied   Taxi Fare Virming
  Taxi Fare Zarbeling   Taxi Fare Entrange
  Taxi Fare Escherange   Taxi Fare Hettange-Grande
  Taxi Fare Kanfen   Taxi Fare Roussy-le-Village
  Taxi Fare Volmerange-les-Mines   Taxi Fare Zoufftgen
  Taxi Fare Alzing   Taxi Fare Anzeling
  Taxi Fare Bibiche   Taxi Fare Bouzonville
  Taxi Fare Brettnach   Taxi Fare Château-Rouge
  Taxi Fare Chémery-les-Deux   Taxi Fare Colmen
  Taxi Fare Dalstein   Taxi Fare Ebersviller
  Taxi Fare Filstroff   Taxi Fare Flastroff
  Taxi Fare Freistroff   Taxi Fare Guerstling
  Taxi Fare Heining-lès-Bouzonville   Taxi Fare Hestroff
  Taxi Fare Menskirch   Taxi Fare Oberdorff
  Taxi Fare Rémelfang   Taxi Fare Schwerdorff
  Taxi Fare Tromborn   Taxi Fare Vaudreching
  Taxi Fare Waldweistroff   Taxi Fare Voelfling-lès-Bouzonville
  Taxi Fare Bertrange   Taxi Fare Bousse
  Taxi Fare Guénange   Taxi Fare Rurange-lès-Thionville
  Taxi Fare Ay-sur-Moselle   Taxi Fare Hagondange
  Taxi Fare Mondelange   Taxi Fare Trémery
  Taxi Fare Fameck   Taxi Fare Serémange-Erzange
  Taxi Fare Richemont   Taxi Fare Uckange
  Taxi Fare Bassing   Taxi Fare Bidestroff
  Taxi Fare Blanche-Église   Taxi Fare Bourgaltroff
  Taxi Fare Cutting   Taxi Fare Dieuze
  Taxi Fare Gélucourt   Taxi Fare Guébestroff
  Taxi Fare Guéblange-lès-Dieuze   Taxi Fare Guébling
  Taxi Fare Kerprich-lès-Dieuze   Taxi Fare Lindre-Basse
  Taxi Fare Lindre-Haute   Taxi Fare Mulcey
  Taxi Fare Rorbach-lès-Dieuze   Taxi Fare Saint-Médard
  Taxi Fare Tarquimpol   Taxi Fare Vergaville
  Taxi Fare Zommange   Taxi Fare Moyeuvre-Grande
  Taxi Fare Moyeuvre-Petite   Taxi Fare Chesny
  Taxi Fare Jury   Taxi Fare Mécleuves
  Taxi Fare Peltre   Taxi Fare Knutange
  Taxi Fare Nilvange   Taxi Fare Baerenthal
  Taxi Fare Bitche   Taxi Fare Bousseviller
  Taxi Fare Éguelshardt   Taxi Fare Hanviller
  Taxi Fare Haspelschiedt   Taxi Fare Liederschiedt
  Taxi Fare Philippsbourg   Taxi Fare Reyersviller
  Taxi Fare Roppeviller   Taxi Fare Schorbach
  Taxi Fare Sturzelbronn   Taxi Fare Bannay
  Taxi Fare Bettange   Taxi Fare Bionville-sur-Nied
  Taxi Fare Bisten-en-Lorraine   Taxi Fare Boucheporn
  Taxi Fare Boulay-Moselle   Taxi Fare Brouck
  Taxi Fare Burtoncourt   Taxi Fare Charleville-sous-Bois
  Taxi Fare Condé-Northen   Taxi Fare Coume
  Taxi Fare Denting   Taxi Fare Éblange
  Taxi Fare Fouligny   Taxi Fare Gomelange
  Taxi Fare Guinkirchen   Taxi Fare Guirlange
  Taxi Fare Halling-lès-Boulay   Taxi Fare Helstroff
  Taxi Fare Hinckange   Taxi Fare Holling
  Taxi Fare Loutremange   Taxi Fare Mégange
  Taxi Fare Momerstroff   Taxi Fare Narbéfontaine
  Taxi Fare Niedervisse   Taxi Fare Obervisse
  Taxi Fare Piblange   Taxi Fare Roupeldange
  Taxi Fare Saint-Bernard   Taxi Fare Téterchen
  Taxi Fare Valmunster   Taxi Fare Varize
  Taxi Fare Velving   Taxi Fare Volmérange-lès-Boulay
  Taxi Fare Fèves   Taxi Fare Hauconcourt
  Taxi Fare Maizières-lès-Metz   Taxi Fare Semécourt
  Taxi Fare Bliesbruck   Taxi Fare Blies-Ébersing
  Taxi Fare Blies-Guersviller   Taxi Fare Frauenberg
  Taxi Fare Rémelfing   Taxi Fare Sarreguemines
  Taxi Fare Wiesviller   Taxi Fare Florange
  Taxi Fare Ébange   Taxi Fare Terville
  Taxi Fare Augny   Taxi Fare Gandrange
  Taxi Fare Amélécourt   Taxi Fare Attilloncourt
  Taxi Fare Bioncourt   Taxi Fare Chambrey
  Taxi Fare Château-Salins   Taxi Fare Château-Voué
  Taxi Fare Dédeling   Taxi Fare Fresnes-en-Saulnois
  Taxi Fare Gerbécourt   Taxi Fare Grémecey
  Taxi Fare Hampont   Taxi Fare Lubécourt
  Taxi Fare Morville-lès-Vic   Taxi Fare Obreck
  Taxi Fare Pettoncourt   Taxi Fare Puttigny
  Taxi Fare Salonnes   Taxi Fare Sotzeling
  Taxi Fare Vaxy   Taxi Fare Wuisse
  Taxi Fare Châtel-Saint-Germain   Taxi Fare Lessy
  Taxi Fare Moulins-lès-Metz   Taxi Fare Rozérieulles
  Taxi Fare Scy-Chazelles   Taxi Fare Bronvaux
  Taxi Fare Marange-Silvange   Taxi Fare Montigny-lès-Metz
  Taxi Fare Woustviller   Taxi Fare Luttange
  Taxi Fare Gondrexange   Taxi Fare La Maxe
  Taxi Fare Norroy-le-Veneur   Taxi Fare Plesnois
  Taxi Fare Saulny   Taxi Fare Woippy
  Taxi Fare Wittring   Taxi Fare Erching
  Taxi Fare Rimling   Taxi Fare Distroff
  Taxi Fare Ancy-sur-Moselle   Taxi Fare Ars-sur-Moselle
  Taxi Fare Dornot   Taxi Fare Gravelotte
  Taxi Fare Jouy-aux-Arches   Taxi Fare Rezonville
  Taxi Fare Sainte-Ruffine   Taxi Fare Vernéville
  Taxi Fare Vionville   Taxi Fare Saint-Privat-la-Montagne
  Taxi Fare Clouange   Taxi Fare Pierrevillers
  Taxi Fare Rombas   Taxi Fare Vitry-sur-Orne
  Taxi Fare Brouviller   Taxi Fare Fleisheim
  Taxi Fare Hérange   Taxi Fare Lixheim
  Taxi Fare Vieux-Lixheim   Taxi Fare Wintersbourg
  Taxi Fare Sainte-Marie-aux-Chênes   Taxi Fare Noisseville
  Taxi Fare Nouilly   Taxi Fare Retonfey
  Taxi Fare Brouderdorff   Taxi Fare Niderviller
  Taxi Fare Sarreinsming   Taxi Fare Laudrefang
  Taxi Fare Téting-sur-Nied   Taxi Fare Tritteling
  Taxi Fare Boulange   Taxi Fare Amanvillers
  Taxi Fare Budling   Taxi Fare Elzange
  Taxi Fare Basse-Ham   Taxi Fare Illange
  Taxi Fare Inglange   Taxi Fare Koenigsmacker
  Taxi Fare Kuntzig   Taxi Fare Oudrenne
  Taxi Fare Valmestroff   Taxi Fare Stuckange
  Taxi Fare Garche   Taxi Fare Koeking
  Taxi Fare Manom   Taxi Fare Oeutrange
  Taxi Fare Thionville   Taxi Fare Chieulles
  Taxi Fare Mey   Taxi Fare Saint-Julien-lès-Metz
  Taxi Fare Vantoux   Taxi Fare Vany
  Taxi Fare Ban-Saint-Martin   Taxi Fare Longeville-lès-Metz
  Taxi Fare Metz   Taxi Fare Plappeville
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  Taxi Cafora
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  Le Taxi du Marin
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  Taxi de Fameck
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